Tochka XS app

Tochka XS is a banking and tax app specifically designed for freelancers.

The app aims to provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for freelancers, simplifying the often complex process of managing taxes and finances for self-employed individuals.
Senior Product Designer


Tochka is an online bank for entrepreneurs and enterprises with over 400k clients and growing.

It is a complex online banking platform wide variety of tax types and business types that can make the interface difficult to navigate, leading many users to seek support from the staff.

This can be especially challenging for freelancers and small businesses who may not have experience with accounts and tax documents.
Freelance market is growing, and Tochka was looking to expand its services to better meet the needs of freelancers.

By creating a new service specifically for these users, Tochka can provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience that eliminates the complexities of the full platform and focuses on the needs of these businesses. This could help Tochka attract more freelancers as clients and better serve their needs.

The challenge

Provide a simplified and streamlined user experience for users without accounting skills, while making available all the necessary details about the tax transactions.

The solution

Create clean and user-friendly interfacesAdd a log mode to quickly access the transaction details
We had a strong design and development team, and a progressive head of product who had launched the best designed online bank (Rocket bank).
First we put together all the features that are related to freelancers
I worked on user flows. My task was to create the easiest experiences for each flow on the one hand and quickly give access to all important details when needed.
We did real life usability tests with our target audience
All our user flows were tested with real freelancers, collecting feedback and making improvements.

That helped us to improve some details, like changing Tochka’sx assistant icon, made Log information button more visible and we made visual structure more clear.


Personal Documents
We’ve launched this app as a beta test in one year with first 100 test users.

Two yeart lated Tochka XS app was merged with Tochka X app – an app with a wider range of services.