DataMilk is an AI tool that autonomously optimizes E-Commerce websites to improve the customer experience and drive increased sales.

I’m responsible to manage all the website development. The final goal is to deliver the product values through the website and attract all the possible clients.


V–A–C Foundations is an international contemporary art organisation that holds international events in London, Milan, New York and Moscow, and GES-2 is V–A–C’s main House of Culture and the world’s greatest space for contemporary art,the grand opening of a new “iconic” arts centre anywhere in the world” (The Telegraph) , designed by Renzo Piano (also architect for Centre Pompidou and the Shard), and launched in 2021 under the direction of Teresa Mavica.

> Led the development of the V–A–C’s new main website of 4,000 pages that encompasses the Foundation, GES-2 (Moscow venue), and Zattere (Venice venue), leading a team of 6 developers and managing the project’s roadmap.  
> Successfully cooperated in digitalizing the graphics with the iconic graphic design studio, Experimental Jetset, the authors of the Foundation's branding.
> Successfully executed the project and the launch of the new website in time for the opening of the GES-2 space, securing all pre-opening promotion activities and increasing the daily traffic from 500 to 5,000 visitors vs the old website.
> Improved website’s metrics: 10x daily visitors, 3x newsletter subscribers.
> Implemented web accessibility through color contrasts and fonts as per accessibility guidelines.
> Maintained the tradition of the Foundation in creating objects of utility as the objects of art.

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Sreda is an online media magazine about contemporary Russian culture, which is updated on Wednesdays (sreda in Russian) and at one point consists of only 3 materials: artwork, text, and podcast.

The magazine is created by the V–A–C Foundation, which produces new culture together with artists and audiences alike.

The peculiarity of the magazine is that it does not accumulate a digital archive, at any given time on the site there are only 3 current materials and that's it. The magazine publishes quite complicated materials, and the magazine should not seem easier than it is, the magazine should not flirt with the reader.

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The resource displays the history of GULAG in the Soviet Union with accurate information about every facility and each year it was functioning. Viewers can learn more about the prison system engagingly and interactively.

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OSOME is an online assistant that provides company incorporation, corporate secretary, accounting, and immigration services in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK. It combines experience and personal care with the efficiency of artificial intelligence. Through automation, the company’s business model drives a step-change in both efficiency and customer satisfaction that leads to a high potential for growth and profitability.